Bamboozled ~ Is President Obama A Christian?

I believe that the American public is very naive about both religion and politics, and the following example will validate this idea. For instance, you would think that one’s name, especially a change in a name, would tell volumes about a person’s faith and what they are really all about. The Bible has several examples of name changes that connotate either the new birth (John 3:3; II Corinthians 5:17), or a new relationship and/or covenant with God. Abram became Abraham, Jacob became Israel, Simon became Peter and Saul became Paul. There are others. In America, sports celebrities have often announced their conversion to Islam through name changes. For instance Cassius Clay became Mohammad Ali and Lew Alcindor became Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. That brings us to the main point: Barry Sottero became Barack Hussein Obama, yet he professes to be a Christian. [For your information about 65-80% of the populace of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia believe he is a Muslim. This is the heart of the Bible belt.] Obama is pro choice with his views about abortion, he believes that sodomites make our best citizens, and he has never shared his new birth into Christianity (the only way anyone can become a true believer) because he has never experienced it. He has long attended a politically involved, radical church since it was expedient for him to do so, in order to advance in American politics. I heard him say that it is foolish for nations to “turn the cheek” in international diplomacy. This man is so ignorant of true Christianity that he does not realize that Jesus is NOT referring to the politics of nations, but to individual one on one relationships. Obama is a man who could be elected ONLY by an entirely ignorant populace. His 16 trillion dollar national debt is pure unadulterated insanity. His entitlement and welfare programs give our citizenry the right to become lazy loads on our culture. Why get a job when one third of the people will pay taxes and carry you? We are living in a day where we need a good sense of humor in order to keep our heads screwed on straight. This is truly theater of the bizarre. I would laugh were it not so sad. In the light of His soon return, Pastor Steve


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