Apologetics: The Defensive Argument Supporting the Truth of Christianity

This brief article has a twofold strategy: It is to encourage Christians to study and be well versed in defending our faith (II Timothy 2:15); and the following internet sources should be given to seekers in order for them to better understand what the Christian faith is all about and what we truly believe. Many do not realize that all of the true sciences, history, archaeology, linguistics, geology and anthropology all support the Bible 100%, and are somewhat surprised when they learn this.
Following are five websites that will enhance anyone’s faith in the Word of God.
1)icr.org The Institute For Creation Research, founded by Henry Morris. The men and women from this organization all have doctorate degrees not in theology but in the sciences. Henry Morris and John Whitcomb wrote the Genesis Flood, which is often referred to as the harbinger of the entire creation movement.
2)drdino.com Creation Science Evangelism (CSE), founded by Kent Hovind.
3)answersingenesis.org Answers in Genesis, founded by Ken Ham. Ken was formerly with the aforementioned ICR, and later launched this ministry. Ken is from Australia, and is well known recently for the construction of a Creation Museum near Cincinnati which has caused quite a stir.
4)GODSAIDMANSAID.com The name of the ministry is God Said Man Said. This ministry has been recently publicized on Fox News and satellite radio. It is incredibly comprehensive, covering the amazing prophecies in the Bible, the creation, the dinosaurs and the flood of Noah, the Christology of the Bible, as well as an in depth study of archaeology, and many other apologetic tools as well. This site may be one of the best for both the Christian learner and the seeker.                      5)Creation.com  Another ministry site that defends the Word of God in the realm of God’s marvelous creation.  The topics are comprehensive like their aforementioned counterparts, including yet not limited to science, archaeology and history.  The material is excellent and extensive.                                                                              All five of these sites offer endless books, CDs, DVDs, videos, and objects of interest which all support the teachings of true Christianity.
May I close with an interesting observation about the above five websites. All of them have the common denominator of a belief in a recent creation (6,000 years ago), a global flood, the recent existence of dinosaurs, and the tremendous importance of a literal interpretation and belief in Genesis 1-11. Ken Ham suggests in one of his DVDs that younger people have left the church en masse because of the awful hypocrisy of the leaders and teachers, who profess a belief in Jesus Christ for salvation but refuse to believe in what He said about His creation! [Jerusalem, we have a problem]. I have to agree with Ken. We do not have an option to pick and choose the parts of the Bible that we like and neglect, reject and ignore the rest! By the way, have you EVER heard of a Christian creation ministry that endorses the “millions and billions of years ago” mindset? Although many Christians have been brainwashed by these falsehoods (They believe in the teachings of Charles Darwin rather than place their faith in the literal and inerrant Word of God), I am not familiar with any creation ministries that are based on the teachings of the so called two creations, progressive creationism and theistic evolution. These teachings all display a lack of faith in the Word of God, that God simply spoke, and EVERYTHING came into being much faster than when I just typed this sentence. Ex Nihilo….. Out of nothing, because He is God! Blessings, Pastor Steve


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