2016 — The Movie — Go see it!

The name of the movie is based on the perception of what our nation and world will be like in four more years if Obama is elected again this November. I saw this minimum budget, sleeper hit documentary movie yesterday. I have studied Obama like a lot of you all have, and can honestly say I did not learn many new concepts, but this movie successfully put together a beautiful composite of who Obama really is. To many, Obama is a still a mystery. The interviews and data involved in the movie concluded that Obama dislikes what he perceives as colonialist nations like the former British Empire and the United States of America. He would also include Israel in this category. He interprets America as a left over rogue nation like the former British Empire, which is his duty to dismantle. Hence he is destroying our military, economy, freedoms and way of life. Your monetary worth, by the way, has decreased by 40% since 2007. Also emphasized in the film was the fact that Obama never really knew his father except for a brief period when he was only six years old. His mentors, surrogates and teachers were all left wing radicals, Muslims, communists, Marxists, globalists and other extremists. One of the key conclusions was that when the United States of America is no longer a global super power, this situation will grease the skid for radical Islam to take over the world. Most of the people who attended the showing that we went to, were baby boomers and older. I believe younger people need to see this movie. Many Christians believe that Obama’s re-election will seal our doom as a nation. I would have trouble not agreeing with this statement, and the film gives me a renewed resolve to pray, witness and vote. May God richly bless you, Pastor Steve


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