2012 Election Reflection

Well, the results are in and chances are better than 50% 50% that if you are reading this entry, then you are like me—- your choice lost the election. God answered my other election prayer in the affirmative however, in that the election was not so close that recounts, etc. would have been needed. I am very thankful for that. This election has me doing a lot of soul searching about our mutual Christian faith and our nation. We are indeed in the midst of a major paradigm shift. Has it ever occurred to you that Obama could never have been elected at any time in our nation’s history except now? In a nutshell, as a nation we use to be “one people” who had more of the values of the red states. We are no longer one, but polarized and split down the middle. If the Lord tarries, I believe the socialistic values of the blue states will gradually grow unless we have a national revival. Here are some post election conclusions and thoughts that come to mind:

1)The Judeo Christian values upon which this great nation was built, no longer apply. Mitt Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan said it all with the following observation on election eve: “Obama does not hold to the Judeo Christian values of this nation.” That was the understatement of the year, too little too late, and a day late and a dollar short. Where was this observation earlier in the race, such as at the debates, etc.? In my opinion, Christians should prepare for an all out assault on our faith. If you are discerning, you have already seen it happening for years. The Bible continually warns believers about persecution. II Timothy 3:12 “All who live godly in Christ Jesus, shall suffer persecution.” Because of our cherished religious freedoms, we have had it relatively easy in our nation for two centuries.

2)Our nation has been hijacked by immigrants who do not share American values. They often feel that they are entitled to a free ride as soon as they enter our land. These are the folks who helped place Obama in office. Of course, we have no one to blame except ourselves, because our nation has existed with moral values plummeting for an entire generation. A “family” is constituted by anyone living together. The Bible says sodomy is an “abomination” (Leviticus 18:22), and for THE FIRST TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY, THESE PEOPLE ARE FREE TO MARRY! This did not even happen in Sodom. God’s judgment on our nation, which has more exposure to His Word than any country ever, cannot be far off. Back in the 1980’s when our children were small, I asked my wife who would replace the millions and millions of children who are being aborted? Now we know.

3)The stage is rapidly being prepared to fulfill Bible prophecy through one world government, one world religion and one world currency. Obama’s strategy is to weaken our military and our role as a global superpower. When was the last time that a Russian premier was joyful over the election of an American president? Putin knows that a weaker America makes a stronger Russia. Israel on the other hand, has never been more fearful of Iran with an “ally” like Obama. Yes, with the American distinctives being erased which made us great, this leaves a vacuum and a free hand for rogue nations to create havac in an unrestrained manner.

4)Weed has been legalized during this election, and the first openly lesbian senator has been elected. I believe Obama is the perfect man to usher in this new era.

5)Gun rights advocates are very concerned about Obama’s second term, since now that he does not need to be elected, his true colors will come out. Obama and Hillary Clinton are wed to the United Nation’s Small Arms Treaty which would ultimately curtail/eliminate gun ownership. Obama’s disdain for our Constitution/Bill of Rights does not bother his supporters since we need to focus globally. It is not about America; it is about globalism. Do not forget, according to Obama, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are in a state of flux.

6)Obama had absolutely no platform, plan or campaign agenda, but that does not matter. He was elected rather easily by our populace simply because of the way he can manipulate our government and tax paying citizens to his constituents’ advantage. THAT is what this election was all about. He employed the word “forward” as his new 2012 slogan, which simply means more of the same. I believe it is an absolute truism that we received the president we deserved.


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