The War In Man’s Soul

A young man joins the armed forces and marches off to war. Is this the only war he will ever face? Hardly. Let us consider his whole life up until this time:
Not long after he is born, his rebellion is evident as he tells mom and dad “no” to their commands. He has a classic sibling rivalry with his brother, and is jealous of the things that belong to a neighbor. Throughout his school years, his parents unknowingly match their two sons’ progress against each other in everything they do.
After joining the army, the sergeants scream condescendingly at every private in boot camp. The new recruits, all from different regions and various ethnic backgrounds, are often hostile to each other. We could go on and on with this theme with no end in sight. Actually, the young man is already very familiar with the war in mans’ soul before he ever encounters a literal battle with the enemy! A war between countries is simply a blown up, ideal example of our lives on a sin cursed planet. As a Christian, if I do not “crucify my flesh and put on the full armor of God,” I may be at war with you today! The Lord gives “perfect peace to those whose minds are stayed upon Him.” (Isaiah 26:3A) Yes, there are literal wars but the real battle is within the soul of man. This battle goes back to the original sin and curse in Genesis 3. Until if/when Jesus Christ comes into ones’ heart, we will be at war with ourselves. Until the Lord sets up the millennial kingdom, the Prince of Peace residing in ones’ heart is the only real peace this world has to offer, period. Blessings, Pastor Steve


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