The Silent Church

The moral meltdown is happening so fast in our nation that it makes the head spin. Noah Hutchings of Southwest Radio Ministries in Bethany, Oklahoma makes the following comparison: Adolf Hitler rose to power throughout the 1930’s in Nazi Germany. The Christian Church turned a blind eye to all that was being done, thus setting the stage for this wicked dictator to implement the mass murder and the near extermination of the Jewish people in Europe. Likewise in America today, Obama came into office flying a pretense of Christianity while soon doing absolutely everything that he can to destroy the ideals upon which this nation was built. His first presidential directive was to declare the month of brides—–June—–gay pride month. Our nation is following the pipers’ lead very well, as I just learned this morning that outspoken lesbian activist Ellen DeGeneres has just been declared the spokesperson for J. C. Penny. Oh yes, there was a reaction from “conservative” mothers, but the zeitgeist of the day is that it is time to accept this lifestyle as normal and perfectly natural. No longer is the church the conscience for America; our president knows all and will dictate policy as he caters to those who supported his election. Wendy restaurants ask “Where’s the beef?” I ask “Where’s the church?” Obama has installed sodomites into virtually every office that he has been able to (including the Department of Education), not to mention his arbitrary appointment of his czars (a glorified name for the Chicago style politics of hand picking your cronies to assist you). He has declared sodomites to be the best citizens there are, and the public education system is likewise brainwashing our chilren that the gay lifestyle is not only to be totally accepted but advocating that there is no better way to live. We have no right to wonder why our youth are leaving the church in droves. Our populace is gradually being won over to this wicked mindset because they have not the Lord. Our mayors in most of the cities across our nation are in favor of the oxymoron called gay marriage. It would take too long to mention them all, but they include Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, my birth city of Evanston, Illinois, and the list goes on and on. Included also with this infamous group is Governor Christie of New Jersey. Washington state is the latest on the bubble to ratify gay marriage. Also, now homosexuals want to force the Christian Church to allow them to marry within their facilities or risk discrimination suits and/or being shut down. The Judeo Christian ethic is what this nation was built upon and our founding fathers warned us that once we left it, our nation would no longer exist. Former presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan in his most recent book “Suicide of a Superpower,” poignantly asks if America will survive to 2025. When the church goes silent, then it is a spiritual law that judgment is soon to follow.
If you are keeping abreast of the news then you are aware that Obamacare’s most recently publicized desire is to force the use of contraceptives and abortions in Catholic hospitals as well as hospitals and clinics affiliated with other Christian denominations. Yes, once the “camel’s nose is in the tent…..” There is no end to this madness. Incidently, I believe that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim (a real novel idea, huh?) and that he is doing all of these things in order to get our nation to implode so that the unified Muslims can immigrate “en masse,” and take over in our chaotic state of affairs. Yes, yes, we know that abortion and homosexuality are abominations and sinful within the beliefs of all three monotheistic faiths– Christianity, Judaism and Islam; BUT Islam allows its’ believers to lie and do whatever is necessary to promote their agenda. Abortion and homosexuality are also very useful means for 1)destroying the family and 2)population control—both extremely helpful to pave the way for an Islamic takeover. Do you have trouble swallowing this? Keep in mind that the mosques are already built and the neighborhoods are all planned in order to accommodate the anticipated arrivals of Muslims.
The church obviously needs to wake up. If the church ever overcomes its’ Rip Van Winkle dilemma, by the time it does we may find all of our freedoms gone. The current apostasy around us is indeed indicative of the soon coming of our Lord: Revelation 22:20B “…Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” Praise God for the blessed hope of the church! Maranatha, the Lord is coming! In the mean time, however, we are to occupy, possess, and remain active and vigilant. The largest thing we can do in the body of Christ is “PRAY without ceasing” (I Thessalonians 5:17). Prayer and faith are the ONLY things that will set the mighty wheelhouse of God into motion. We would sure be blessed if our prayer meetings were better attended. We need to “pray always and faint not,” and “…assemble ourselves so much the more as we see that day (judgment day) approaching.” Let us all never stop praying for this sin sick nation, and if the Lord tarries, because of His unfathomable grace, love and mercy, perhaps He will intervene with an unexpected and undeserved blessing!
Maranatha, Pastor Steve


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