The Handwriting Is On The Wall

“The Handwriting Is On The Wall” …this familiar slogan is said when an issue is extremely clear. Today, most are unaware that this saying can be traced to Daniel 5:1-28. The Babylonian King Belshazzar was having a drunken feast and dining/drinking with the sacred utensils from the Israelite’s old temple. The hand which wrote on the wall said to the Babylonian King: “God has finished your Kingdom because you do not measure up. Your Kingdom will be given to the Medes and Persians.” That very night Babylon was sacked and Belshazzar was slain.
The Bible is clear that God judges all nations, and Isaiah the prophet says that to God the nations are a mere “drop in the bucket.” I have often wondered where the United States of America currently stands in relation to God’s ultimate plan for her. Our nation has been chastised in the past. In the last century for instance, following the “roaring twenties” we had a stock market crash, a dust bowl, a drought, and a great depression. Two world wars were sandwiched around the depression. Certainly, as nations go, God was able to use these events to “humble us,” and urge us to “seek His face,” at least to some degree.
But my, oh my! America “has arrived” now and no longer needs God. We are loaded with technology, science, wealth, knowledge, and we pride ourselves as the only superpower following the break up of the U.S.S.R. Note the parallel truths that as we become more prideful and wealthy we no longer need God. In fact, as we take our eyes off of the Creator, and worship the “creature,” our nations’ morals and values are plummeting to an all time low. Instead of reading the oft cited II Chronicles 7:14, perhaps we should be focusing on Lamentations!
Was 9/11 a warning of what can happen when God removes His protective shield even for just a couple of hours? What about the weather trends of droughts/flooding/fires/violent storms/earthquakes and severe hurricanes in the last several years? These weather patterns were God’s chastening tools in Biblical times, and certainly the Lord would employ them today….and He is doing just that!
This country needs to turn to God while there is time and before it is too late. It is only because of His grace that His patience has not run out. “His desire is for no one to perish.” Perhaps as we continually pray, humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways, God would intercede and once again touch and bless our country. No, we do not deserve it but He is merciful to those who fear Him. The handwriting is on the wall. Blessings, Pastor Steve


Pray For Revival In America!


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