A new phenomenon is blitzing both the spiritual and sports world. I learned on Fox News that the word “Tebowing” is about to enter the dictionary. The best brief representation of Tebowing seems to be——– head bowed with one knee on the ground, praying to the Father with great expectation, and never giving up. Tim Tebow, the rookie Christian quarterback with the Denver Broncos and former QB with the Florida Gators, is raising eyebrows and receiving a plethora of reactions from all kinds of people. ESPN analysts appear upset because he breaks the mold of greatness and he is winning when he should not be. Every week his games appear more like basketball than football with the game on the line towards the end. The Broncos end up in overtime more than your average hockey team…..and Tebow keeps pulling them out!!!  The problem is that this is suppose to happen with an individual only a few times throughout their entire career but Tim is doing this on a weekly basis. The problem is that a GOOD NFL QB is expected to rack up 300-400 yards a game and throw for 3-4 TD’s a game like Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers. The Broncos played the Bears last Sunday. I have pulled for the Bears since I was a small boy in Chicago in the early 60’s. In what is becoming characteristic fashion, the Bears dominated the entire game and led 10-0 going into the final minutes, and then a lot of bizarre things started happening, and the Broncos pulled another game out of the fire. The Bears’ defensive players were really defensive after the game, and saying derogatory comments about Tebow. Their All Pro middle linebacker Brian Urlacker said with sarcasm: “He’s a good running back.” All the while Tebow prays, gives praise to his teammates, and continually gives most of the credit and glory to God. When people act like Jesus there is always a twofold reaction: folks either love you or they hate you. There is often no middle ground. In my opinion, Tim Tebow is being obedient to God, hence he is being blessed by God and used of God. There is no doubt that there is an anointing upon him and he is therefore very fascinating to watch. Given God’s hand upon him, I would no more want to face Tebow on the football field than face King David on the battlefield. By the way, I predicted that the Broncos would beat the Bears 20-10. Silly me. An overtime game can be won by no more than 6 points, hence the Broncos won 13-10. I greatly respect Tim Tebow and believe that God will keep on blessing him in the public eye as long as Tim submits to the Lord. I believe a lot of our sports’ junkie nation are/will be touched through the life of this very unique man! Never underestimate what God can do with anyone who is truly sold out to Christ. Let us all pray for his faithful Christian witness.
Here are his ten commandments for football:
1)Thou shalt not turn the ball over.
2)Thou shalt not quit.
3)Thou shalt not put thy own self before the team.
4)Thou shalt do whatever it takes to win.
5)Thou shalt not force the ball.
6)Thou shalt recognize thine own faults.
7)Thou shalt stay true to thyself.
8)Thou shalt make big plays in the fourth quarter.
9)Thou shalt score efficiently.
10)Thou shalt inspire the team to play better.

Blessings, Pastor Steve


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