Addendum for “Tebowing” entry on 12/13/11

Well, the power of the Gospel once again accomplishes its’ work. People in our nation will allow evil and persecute righteousness. Jesus said when we receive that kind of treatment, we can wear it as as badge of honor. (Matthew 5:10-12) Four clean cut high school youth from New York City were suspended from school for “Tebowing” in the hall between classes. They admired Tim’s faith, abilities as a quarterback and the way he carries himself. I have always heard that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but praying in the halls for 30-60 seconds in today’s public school will get one removed for a day. If these youth wore black Satanic tee shirts– hey, no problem. If they had so many body piercings that it looked like they fell into their daddies’ fishing tackle box, they are just expressing themselves. If they had tattoos covering their entire bodies, likewise no big deal, they are simply emulating others. But dropping to a knee and having a brief conversation with ones’ Maker between classes is radical stuff. Consider the secular world’s reaction to Tebow himself. Other NFL QB’s and players have attacked and molested women in night clubs, ran into and killed pedestrians while DUI, killed and maimed dogs for sport, and most recently caught selling cocaine on the side by the ton, but giving God praise in a humble way after scoring a touchdown is unacceptable. If Tim brings glory to himself after scoring, that is all right. But please, we must keep God removed in every way, shape and form.
This should not surprise us at all. It is part of the antichrist spirit and the Bible warns us that this climate of opinion would become more prevalent as we near Christ’s coming. The Bible warns of a great falling away towards the end of the church age. Tim Tebow and those four high school lads are men that I greatly respect, and they will receive a heavenly reward for their bold stand for Christ! May you and I have the temerity to do likewise.

The wisdom of God is foolishness to fallen man.


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