Requirements For My Spiritual Mentor(s)

We professing Christians are quick to give lip service to believing the scriptures in the Bible, yet I have observed a dilemma through the years. After even a mere superficial chit chat with many folks, I find that they do not really believe in the Bible at all. Here are my prerequisites in belief, before ANYONE would be my Christian pastor, mentor or close friend in the ministry: 1)They would heartily endorse the virgin birth. 2)They would believe in the inspiration of the scriptures. i.e. The Bible is 100% truth without error. 3)They would believe that placing our faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is the ONLY way for ANYONE to be saved. (II Corinthians 5:21) 4)They would believe that the Son of God rose from the dead and is now seated on the right hand of God the Father. 5)They would believe in the return and coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. They may believe His return is Pre, Mid or Post Tribulation, or they may be Amillennial in their understanding, but they MUST believe in His literal return. 6)They would believe in all of the literal miracles in the Bible and make no attempt to allegorize them. i.e. Yes, the axe head floated! ……… here is where it gets sticky: 7)They would believe in a literal 6 day creation and that the world is pretty close to 6,000 years old. Does their salvation depend on number seven? Perhaps not, BUT if they do not believe in 6 days/6,000 years, they do not believe all of the Bible and will lead many astray. There are countless young inquirers to the faith who refuse to believe in the inspiration of the scriptures because they cannot place their trust in Genesis, chapters 1-11. Archbishop James Ussher’s Annals of the World has been reprinted into English during the last 6 years and has a plethora of information that traces the geneology from Adam to Jesus Christ, and leaves no option for any more time than 6,000 years! Read Mark 10:6; Luke 1:70; 11:50-51; Acts 3:21; Hebrews 4:3-4,10; Psalms 33:6; and Exodus 20:11 in the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible and you will observe that Adam and Eve were created at the BEGINNING of creation, that God spoke the creation into being, it happened 6,000 years ago, the Lord took six days to create and He rested on the seventh day after the work was completed. There is no room for gaps and ages. One either believes in the literal words of Moses and Jesus Christ as they spoke and wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit about creation OR they submit to an astrophysicist—-BUT YOU CANNOT HAVE BOTH! I am truly amazed at the willful ignorance of so many in Christendom regarding this doctrine. If you equivocate or vacillate with this teaching, I would encourage you to visit the websites for the Institute For Creation Research (ICR) and Creation Science Evangelism (CSE). We need to simply trust the Bible for what it says and realize that it is the scientists who are wrong because they have left science and have entered speculation. 8)They would believe in a literal judgment day (Day of the Lord), and a literal heaven and hell. 9)They would believe in a Triune God—-Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 10)They would understand that we are all under the curse of original sin until if/when it is covered by the blood of Christ. 11)They would understand that marriage between one man and one woman until death parts them is the Lord’s only design for family and sexual intimacy. Our nation has long ago destroyed that plan through easy no fault divorce, adultery, fornication, homosexuality, and aborting unwanted babies at the altar of “sexual freedom.” These are my minimum common denominators with Christian mentors and anyone that I would place myself under their spiritual authority.


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