Reformation vs. Regeneration

These two mindsets represent a tremendous dichotomy within professing Christian churches. Reformation suggests salvation works from “the outside in,” and regeneration says salvation is from the new birth, and works from the “inside out.” Reformation is the norm in liberal Protestant denominations today, as they ignore the “old” Christian concept of salvation. Baptism is more of a means to join a church, rather than an ordinance that follows one’s salvation experience. Reformers believe Christians can be trained much the same as a seal who learns to balance a beach ball on his nose. “Confirmation and catechism classes,” are required in order to advance in the faith. We Baptists must be careful not to confuse Bible memorization and “Sword Drills” for salvation. After all, Satan knows the Bible very well and has been misinterpreting and distorting it for thousands of years. Committing scripture to our hearts is a very great thing, yet if our heart is not right it can lead to pride and a false sense of salvation. i.e. It is very possible for one to understand the PLAN but still not know the MAN. A head knowledge of facts is emphasized, as there is ABSOLUTELY NO EMPHASIS on being “born again” or “saved.” In fact, phrases like “washed in the blood of the Lamb” would be offensive, and reformers would have no understanding of their meaning. Liberal Protestant mainline churches are rejecting the Bible today, and consider it a blend of allegory and mythology. They often give as much credence to the Koran, the writings of Confucius, the Book of Mormon, etc., etc. This type of thinking is obviously paving the way for the Antichrist in the Tribulation Period— a world religion that accepts everything except true Christianity.
True salvation is, will be, and always has been a process of regeneration or being born again from above. Please read John 3 carefully and prayerfully. Jesus tells us this process is as mysterious as why the wind changes direction. God Almighty suddenly allows an individual to realize they are an awful sinner in need of a Savior! They become gloriously saved as they confess their sins and receive Jesus Christ in their heart as their Lord. Man’s teachings have NOTHING to do with this, and the Holy Spirit has EVERYTHING to do with it. No—— mere sinful men cannot institute a plan of training to save us but we can be transformed by the saving grace of our Lord. Have you experienced so great a salvation? Blessings, Pastor Steve


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