Not “us” and “them,” but “we”

Personally, I have never cared for “contemporary” vs. “traditional” church services. It is interesting that the means of division is usually the music. Typically, the World War II and Silent generations would prefer the traditional, the Baby Boomers would be caught in the middle, and the so called X generation, on down would prefer a contemporary service. Notice how this approach polarizes those of different ages, whereby the Bible teaches that those who are seasoned in the faith need to mentor those who are young believers. This is not good! Is this attitude what the body of Christ should be like? What about giving and taking? What about finding the happy middle? I praise God for healthy change and variety, using different means to present the same Gospel. Do you know the seven most famous words in Baptist vocabulary? “We have always done it that way.” I would think that the mature Christians would go the extra mile and experience inward joy in knowing that positive change is bringing more young families into the church. Churches that remain one dimensional will attract one type of people, and they will plateau and not grow. Please note! We are not talking about compromising the Gospel, we are referring to means of transcending cultures, age differences and interests. My mother and father were saved at a Lutheran Church, Wisconsin Synod. But only recently did they stop singing 16th and 17th Century music. They finally admitted that it was out of step with our day. Do you want your Trinity Baptist Church to grow with Christians of different ages, interests, ethnic groups and backgrounds? I praise the Lord for sending fresh and dynamic music leadership to us recently. Immediately, I sensed how this music was perfect for cementing different people with different backgrounds together. May we grow in grace together. It is not “us” and “them,” but “we.” Blessings, Pastor Steve


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