This word implies bearing a witness unto death. But a Christian does not have to physically die to be a martyr. [Martin Luther, for instance, is portrayed in the famous Foxe’s Book Of Martyrs, yet he was never martyred] We just need to die to self. Do you have a burden to share your faith? If you are really His, it comes with the turf, and we do it out of love and a heart felt desire to obey God, not out of obligation. Is the Christian Church really aware that the rapture is imminent, and the next event on God’s timetable? The Church sure does not act like it. Do you bear Christ’s reproach in public? Do you share the one way of salvation with the people who God sends to you daily? Guess what? Most professing believers have never won a soul to Christ, and most have never even shared the plan of salvation. If one is truly saved, sharing Christ is not difficult; it comes natural. Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is there will your heart be also.” The Tribulation Period, a time of seven years of the worst conditions the world has ever experienced—–follows the rapture. Outside of Christ, (Acts 4:12, John 14:6; 3:36) people will go through the tribulation period, and outside of Him, people will go to HELL FOREVER. Soulwinning churches are full of visitors. Maranatha, Steve

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