Christianity Is Not For Spectators

In the field of sports, spectators are passive, and often do nothing except belittle players and question coaches. (Known as Monday morning quarterbacks). There is a similar attitude in the Christian faith. Several years ago, the Southern Baptists endorsed a special message on soul winning commitment day called : “The Super Hired Holy Man Syndrome.” The message said that Baptist churches were becoming stagnant and plateauing because of unrealistic expectations. Pastors were expected to come to a church and turn it around while the congregation applauded. A handful of leaders were to do all of the work while the majority of the membership remained in the passive/complacent mode. This mind set would indeed cripple or even fatally wound just about any church. Well, you say, what IS the role of the body of Christ in a church? The pastor, as a spiritual leader, should be instrumental in attaining a vision for the church. Two major goals in any church are 1)winning the lost and 2)building up the saved. The pastor should understand how God would accomplish these things in the church he is serving in. He should devote a great deal of his time to Bible study and prayer, in order that he can fulfill another of his duties— …..”equiping the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.” [Ephesians 4:11-12] The first deacons were selected (Acts 6) in order that the church leaders could concentrate on prayer and Bible study, while the deacons assisted with other important church concerns. Since a pastor is to help equip the saints, it would be good to mention a very important yet misunderstood concept about the church body as a whole. EVERY BELIEVER IS A MINISTER. Here is where we miss the boat. A church with a handful of leaders who do all the work may add a little; but a church where everyone is reaching out will multiply! In fact, they will hardly miss the pastor when he leaves because the church is a dynamic living
spiritual organism following Jesus Christ and everyone is “plugged in.” Consider the following list of different serves at Trinity Baptist Church (our members are involved in the following ministries, yet by no means is this list comprehensive):
*Community Outreach Center
*FAITH visitation teams
*Sunday School
*Good News music group/attending nursing home
*The ladies group
*The mens group
*Vacation Bible School
*Individuals who visit people in need behind the scenes
*Fall Festival
*Christmas Pageant/Open House
*Annual 4H Meal
….I am sure that you can think of more.
The major point here is that God has a task(s) for every believer. James 1:22 says “but be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your ownselves.” Let us become so busy immersed in God’s work and will for our lives, that we have no time or desire to murmur and malign others. If we truly desire joy and fulfillment in our lives, it will come ONLY by obeying God and seeking and accomplishing His blessed will for our lives. “Just do it.”
In Christ,
Pastor Steve


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