…….Been thinking about sacrifice

In light of the recent resurgence of interest in the battles of World War II, and with Veterans Day rapidly approaching, my thoughts often drift towards those who have risked or given their lives for our country. Many vetrerans of our nations’ wars are still alive—-indeed we should thank them while we still have the opportunity. Now that we live in an era of relative peace, and “every man has his vine and fig tree,” have we forgotten the cost of freedom? Yes we have. Witness the massive deterioration of morals and values in our nation since the 1950’s. Satan has got most Americans focused on “self” and not “others,” hence it should be no surprise that the Christian gospel message seems repulsive to so many. Our freedoms have been preserved, thanks to those who have sacrificed, but we have lost OUR desire to sacrifice. Now we are free, but the paradox is that most are slaves to their sins. People are mesmerized, brain washed, and decensitized by the immorality all around us. With our freedoms comes the responsibility to live for God and to live righteously. Proverbs 14:34 “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” As a “baby boomer,” I feel that so much has been given to me that I did not really earn. The parents of the boomers wanted us to have more than they had, since so many went through the Great Depression. Hence we have nice homes, cars, vacations, creature comforts, etc. Yet the bottom line is “have we forgotten how to live for God?” In the Christian life, joy is a result of sacrificing for God and other people. Please note the order of the simple acrostic word JOY- Jesus, Others, Yourself. If one lives only for themselves, they will never experience the inward joy that Christ would want us to feel.  No———-praise the Lord we cannot sacrifice in a world war today. What can we do? We can be so full of thanks for the ultimate sacrifice of God’s Son, that we only naturally want to give back to Him. We should cheerfully give of our time, our possessions, and our gifts and talents for the furtherance of the Kingdom’s work. I cannot fight in a war today, but surely I can thank a veteran who put their life on the line in order to preserve our freedoms. Let us not take our spiritual and physical freedoms for granted—–they were both bought with a price! Blessings, Pastor Steve


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