There Are Two Elephants In The Room, The Case For Creation, Part 5

Whenever people convene for a meeting and must discuss a topic of great importance, perhaps even a theme that they would rather bypass, someone finally says let us tackle the elephant in the room! Well, there are two major elephants in the room regarding the creation/evolution debate. These monumental twin themes are the Flood of Noah and dinosaurs. Much to the chagrin of evolutionary scientists, there is a plethora of information from nations, past and present and all around the world, that have well documented stories of the universal Flood of Noah and the recent existance of dinosaurs in their lands. We will touch on a few of the examples, giving only a cross section of the abundance of information. If you desire further study, please consult the creation organization websites cited in a previous article or any number of their books, CD’s, DVD’s, periodicals, etc. The story of the Flood of Noah exists in every major civilization, past and present, throughout the world. Although sometimes the story may be watered down (pun intended), the major ingredients are always there. The best known and most often cited parallel account of the flood is the Epic of Gilgamesh (the Flood of Gilgamesh is a part of the larger story of the Epic of Gilgamesh), which is the Babylonian/Sumerian account of the Flood of Noah. In both the Biblical and Babylonian account, a universal flood destroys the the entire world while only a man and his family are saved. There are differances in the stories as we would expect, since the Babylonian story was handed down by word of mouth and comes from a pagan culture, and the Biblical story was given to Moses by God, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, hence Moses’ account is entirely true. (It is common knowledge that Moses is the human author of the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible. The words of Jesus Christ verify this in Luke 24:44) There are other stories of the great universal deluge all around the planet and on every continent, as one would expect if the flood really happened. There is further proof of the great flood evidenced through the science of geology. There is a uniform strata of water all around the globe as would be expected after such a cataclysm occurred. The Grand Canyon can also be considered a premier prototype for the flood— a tremendous force of water displayed that the earth has not seen since. When one stands on the rim of this canyon, and gazes at the Colorado River at the bottom which barely resembles even a mere creek, then looks out and becomes mesmerized by the vastness of its size within the canyon itself and from rim to rim, they realize that this was NOT the result of millions and billions of years of evolution, but a great thing happened here that has not been duplicated before nor since. Other evidence in geology in favor of the flood are the fossils. By definition, fossils need a catastrophe in order to form. Uniformity will not produce fossils. The fossils are also found in great piles, heaps and strata which suggests a great flood and NOT naturalistic evolution. It should be noted and is of great interest that the great fossil beds all around the world have never produced a legitimate missing link. Also noteworthy is the existance of marine life on top of the world’s highest mountains and also evidence of tropical life found in the polar regions. If a great flood happened, we would indeed expect all of the aforementioned to occur and it did. Finally, it would be good to mention one more startling fact that disproves evolution. Tall trees have been found sticking all the way through several supposed geologic ages of rock and sediment covering millions and billions of years! This is highly embarrassing to these learned folks and since they are at a total loss to explain this, they often resort to convoluted “logic” that makes absolutely no sense to the discerning ear. To the Bible believing Christian this is very easy to understand—-The tree was simply deposited in that position after the great flood or another cataclysm of some sort. There are no prolonged geologic ages, proven by the one tree that sticks through all of them. Let us briefly touch on the other elephant in the room, namely dinosaurs. Christians who know their Bible are already aware of the description of dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible in Job, chapters 40 and 41. Land and water dinosaurs are mentioned as well as those that breathed fire. Job is known as the oldest book in the Bible. It plainly reveals dinosaurs to have existed side by side with man. Just like the above referred to flood, dinosaurs are depicted in every major civilization in the world. Pictographs of dinosaurs are carved in the rock formations of our American west. The American Indians have referred to “thunderbirds,” which closely resemble the well known pterodactyls. An apparent plesiosaur was caught and photographed by Japanese fishermen in a very famous and well documented picture. Dinosaurs, along with other common and well known animals such as lions, were carved into the famous Babylonian Ishtar Gate. Marco Polo tells of observing dragons/dinosaurs during his journeyings to the east. Some were even displayed in parades. Alexander the Great and his Greek Army were warned of a large, fierce dragon/dinosaur that lived in a cave in India. They were all struck with terror by its fierceness and roaring. Dinosaurs are the centerpiece in Chinese parades and holidays, and in the stories and lore of the English knights who rescued the “damsels in distress” from dragons. Dragons are in every major culture. We can use the terms dragon and dinosaur interchangeably, since the word “dinosaur” did not even exist until after several translations of the Bible were already made. Dinosaur literally means terrible lizard. Pictures of dinosaurs have been shown to natives in the remote Amazon river basin and to Africans in the Congo, and the inhabitants immediately identified them. There are many deep water basins all around the world where people claimed to have seen plesiosaurs; the most famous even has the name of Nellie in Loch Ness. In the Paluxy River basin of Texas, there are the remains of man and dinosaur footprints side by side in the river bed. Evolutionists always discredit this claim because of the obvious implications. If you would like to study this topic further I would recommend the website for the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) and The Paluxy River Tracks by John Morris. We could go on and on and on with this theme……….our purpose is to simply reveal truth and whet the appetites of those interested to do further research on this fascinating and inexhaustive topic.


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