The Laws Of Science/Physics Refute Evolution, The Case For Creation, Part 4

The teachings of evolution originally emphasized changes in species that were thought to be consistent and observable over a period of time. Since no missing links and progressions of one species into another have been observed except for the aforementioned pseudo changes in a previous article, they have had to change their philosophy dramatically. Now their formula is as follows: “A LOT of time (arbitrarily millions and billions of years) plus fate and plus random chance equals change into a new species.” THAT is what they believe to be science. The dictionary definition for science is that which can be observed, followed with a hypothesis, and proven only through facts, experimentation and verification. The ONLY evolution that has ever been observed is called microevolution (change within the species) and is, of course, referred to within the Bible because it is true. Dogs beget dogs and new species of dogs. Likewise there are observable changes within the horse family with zebras, mules, burros, etc. But there has never been (nor will there ever be) one species changing into another. God allows change only within their own kinds. Let us examine the laws of science and physics. Surely they will support evolution since evolution is proponed to be a science, right? Hold on to your hat. The first law of thermodynamics states that matter cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be changed in its state, as in the case of a house burning down, but man can neither make nor destroy anything. From this law alone, most people with common sense would determine that there must be an original cause. But NOT evolutionists. These erudite scientists with their unique acumen have come up with the Big Bang theory which is really accepted as fact within all “intelligent” academia. Not only does this refute the above scientific law about not being able to create nor destroy matter, but it is contrary to the simple science/physics law of cause and effect. If there is nothing whatsoever in existance, what force causes this Big Bang? This theory refutes the first law of thermodynamics and the simple cause/effect law of physics. The Big Bang is the big joke, and the centerpiece of the supposition of silly “scientists.” But wait! There is also the second law of thermodynamics which refutes the theory of evolution. It is called the law of increasing entropy, and it states that all of creation is actually devolving and breaking down into more of a state of randomness and flux. Hey folks! It is not getting better, it is going downhill. REAL science reveals that man uses only a small portion of his brain (especially these evolutionary scientists), and observations of man in the antedeluvian period (before the flood of Noah), reveal that man suffered the effects of sin much less than our world today. Adam lived to be 930 and Methuselah lived to be 969. We are going backwards, not forwards according to the second law of thermodynamics. THOUSANDS of the Lord’s species of creation are going extinct every year……….and NOTHING has been observed to evolve into another species. The sun is gradually becoming weaker and not stronger. Yes, the law of increasing entropy refutes evolution totally, and says the exact opposite is true. Is this not surreal? Can you better appreciate that this bogus science was created in order to nix God from our lives so that man could be his own boss and make our world the wonderful place it is? Make no mistake——–evolution is a religion. If it were science then it would submit to its laws, but as one can see, it does not. Evolution makes its own rules that delete God from His universe that He made. This religion believes that the universe is basically nothing more than the product of random chance plus time and that our existance is a mere cosmic crap shoot! There is no Creator, no purpose, and no design. Just what is our existance? Just roll the dice. The fact of the matter is that God has put within everyone’s heart the reality of His existance, even if they are Biblically illiterate. Romans 1:19-20 tells us that all men are accountable to God because of the evidences of His creation around us and because of our consciences within us. In other words, in their rebellion athiests and evolutionists are only suppressing the built in reality that God has given to all men. They know the reality of the Godhead regardless of what they say. The sandcastle upon which this pseudo science is built would be laughable were it not so sad. All of the facts and real science tell us that the Lord created the heavens and the earth and all that dwells therein. Amen and amen. Pastor Steve


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