The Emerging Church, Part II

This is a sequel to the entry on November 11. Specific examples of this recent phenomenon were previously cited. Buzzwords and phrases which would relate to this “church” would be “watered down theology,” market and methodology driven, user friendly, New Age, easy believism and a host of others. I can easily converse with just about anyone who is steeped in the scriptures about this movement. The Bible tells us about the noble Bereans who searched the Word to see if these things were so. With many, however, including some of my peers in ministry, to bring up this theme is “deer in the headlights.” It is an alarming indictment about the Biblical/theological illiteracy of our day, when one can glean much more truthful information about this movement through a Christian radio talk show or a periodical than through many rank and file leaders in our churches. A common flaw and apostasy in the emerging church is convoluted soteriology (the doctrine of salvation). Instead of relying on the Lord for salvation, man looks more to himself as his own saving agent. There is a steering away from teaching end times Bible prophecy in this movement, for their belief is the ole’ social gospel wed to universalism, i.e. Man will bring the millenium himself and there is no need to have a lot of study in prophecy. Their emphasis is to socially engineer their utopia, hence the “hot buttons” are the environment, global warming, finding common ground in all religions, gradually incorporating sinful lifestyles into the church, and promoting the United Nations to name a few. There is a great turning away from an emphasis of Christ on the cross and our desperate need for repentance without which we cannot be saved. One emerging leader claimed that we can only be saved through Jesus, but He can be found in other religions than Christianity!  This is the New Age philosophy of “all roads leading to Rome.” God works through all religions. How does one recognize this movement?  By being a serious student of scripture, one can pick out the counterfeit. The true church stands alone on the Word of God. The Emerging Church gives the Bible lip service, but the teachings in reality are often diametrically opposed to it!


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