Mokele-Mbembe, The Case For Creation, Part 6 (The last entry in this series was January 4, 2011)

I believe the average reaction to this title would be “Say what………?” Mokele-Mbembe is the name that the African Pygmy natives from Cameroon and the Congo have given to the mysterious beast of the Congo Basin. It is also the name of a 270 page book that I am currently reading, written by explorer William J. Gibbons. This creature has been pursued for over two centuries in this area and is often called the Loch Ness Monster of Africa. A plethora of explorers have pursued this dinosaur along with a couple of other closely related species. The Pygmies are very familiar with the creature and immediately identify it when they see drawings. They are also shown other known African animals which they identify, and they are then shown extinct dinosaurs and animals native only to North America which they are not able to identify. Mokele-Mbembe is of the family of sauropod dinosaurs and is closely related to one of the species of plesiosaurs. If you have studied dinosaurs living today, then you may be familiar with the famous picture of an apparent plesiosaur taken within the past generation by Japanese fishermen far out to sea. Other plesiosaurs are photographed and documented in South Africa and Russia. Googling “living dinosaurs” will reveal the tremendous amount of information and photographs concerning these creatures. Another famous picture of a plesiosaur with a twenty foot long neck washed up from the ocean, was taken at Moore’s Beach in Monterey, California in 1925, the year of the Scope’s Monkey Trial. This information is always downplayed by the world’s intelligentsia and elite because its’ revelation would hurt their “millions and billions of years ago” mantra and make us immediately accountable to a just and holy God! Are you a sceptic as to the current existence of living dinosaurs? Dinosaur literally means “terrible lizard.” What else would you call a monitor, an iguana or the up to 10 foot, 150 pound Komodo Dragon of Indonesia? People who believe the Bible should not at all be surprised by their current existance because God made man and all creatures during creation week, and these creatures are depicted throughout history.
The Bible refers to land and water dinosaurs, as well as fire breathing dragons in the book of Job, from chapter and verse 40:15 to 41:34. Job is the oldest book in the Bible and it is very plain that man was once very familiar with these great reptiles. Do not forget that the word dinosaur did not come into existance until the 1840’s, hence the Biblical word dragon and dinosaur can often refer to the same creatures. There are many books written that involve the sightings of great water reptiles and creatures throughout the world. The Loch Ness monster even has the name Nellie. Other deep fiords around the world have had similar sightings. Lake Champlain, located on the New York, Vermont and Canadian border is the home of Champ or Champie. Two American westerners ran across a huge pterodactyl over one hundred years ago near Tombstone, Arizona. Dinosaurs are carved in rocks out west (called pictographs) and everywhere on the planet. Everyone is familiar with the stories of St. George and the Dragon, Beowulf and the monster Grendel, and the “legends” of dragons fighting against the knights in shining armor. There are books written on various artwork of dinosaurs found all over the world, including in medieval castles, long before dinosaur bones were discovered. Marco Polo witnessed a dragon/dinosaur in a parade during his travelings throughout the Far East. Alexander the Great ran into one during his conquests at his farthest point east in India. A great dragon lived in a cave and his men killed it by lacing its’ food with pitch! A dinosaur is depicted on the famous Ishtar Gates of ancient Babylon along with several other currently living and known animals. To me, the reality of these creatures is no surprise and a given, and perhaps some species are still living today. Just as in the case of the great flood of Noah, there are dinosaur stories and references all around the globe and in every major civilization. They appear in everything from a Chinese parade to the national flag of Wales in Great Britain. I would not at all be surprised to see one located and photographed in the deep recesses of the Congo basin, a deep fiord or from the ocean. Yes indeed, God’s truth and Biblical facts are greater than fiction!
Blessings, Pastor Steve


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