More Signs of Christ’s Coming (Eschatology, Part 8)

5)Global Economic Meltdown
6)One World Government
7)One World Currency
8)One World Religion
We will consider the above signs as one because their overlap is obvious and it is hard to separate one from the other. Again, these signs actually point directly to the Great Tribulation moreso than to Christ’s coming itself. Actually, these four signs are the heart and soul of the Tribulation. As stated previously, we associate the Lord coming for His church with the Tribulation, hence these are likewise indicators that we could be closing in on the blessed hope of the church. David Jeremiah just completed a book in October entitled “The Coming Economic Armageddon.” He refers to a coming global economic meltdown. The premier Biblical source for a thorough description and analysis of this event is Revelation 18. Please note that there is unanimity for all four above global occurrences by both the Christian Church and the secular world. Christian values and beliefs are trampled by our world today and yesterday’s mainstream morals are now unacceptable. Bible believing born again Christians are now being marginalized and painted as fanatical and cultish. What use to be America’s norm is no longer the staple as the world is rapidly being prepared for the Antichrist. There are no longer any powerful nations that espouse Christian values. The world economy is shaky. We are interlinked with the global economy and feel the reverberations of every event around the world. Our dollar continues to go south. Witness China and Russia telling our president on his recent trip to Asia that the dollar will no longer be used in their trading. Our president boasts of jump starting our economy through stimulus. The Chinese and Russians realize that his “stimulus” is simply printing hoards of phony money that has absolutely no backing behind it whatsoever. Everyone senses that our economy is very tenuous to say the least. Precious metal corporations are thriving on Americans’ lack of confidence in the dollar. Bankruptcy has become the norm. Automobile manufacturers, mortgage companies, loan organizations and countless additional goverment agencies and corporations in the private sector have claimed bankruptcy. But this is old hat……….now some of our states such as California are pushing bankruptcy. When we hear of this we wonder who will bail them out. Now in our interconnected world monetary system, entire nations are commonly defaulting; recently Greece and Ireland. It reminds me of the little Dutch boy who put his finger in the dike a time or two, but there comes a time when the Dutch boy can do nothing but run because it is all going to break apart no matter what is done. The world’s economy will one day fall apart saith the Lord (Revelation 18), but we are now seeing a global economy coming into focus in the near future. As there is less concern and desire of national sovereignty, the way for a one world currency will be paved and even desired by the earth’s populace. Likewise, one world religion is becoming more feasible all the time. It is really already here. The first sign of Christ’s coming that we mentioned was apostasy. It is apostasy that makes the way clear for a one world religion. When people can call themselves “Christians,” and claim man can save himself, that unrepentant, active homosexuals are fine in the church as members and as pastors, that all religions are fine (universalism), and Jesus is simply one of many ways to heaven, you have the table set for one world religion. Even calling a sin sin is no longer acceptable. The doctrine and belief system that our nation was built upon, the Judeo Christian ethic, is the only thing in our nation now that is no longer tolerated. Hence our present day apostasy is rapidly paving the way for one world religion and the Antichrist. The governments of our world are also homogenizing—-and fast. Democracies are becoming more socialistic, and communist countries have become a bit more democratic. As nationalism erodes, so will the values of individual nations. The undeniable thrust today is finding common ground in religion, the monetary system and government. Any Christian who has even a little knowledge of the scriptures realizes this is the platform for the Great Tribulation. What is truly incredible is that a one world government, monetary system and religion were depicted only in the Bible until the recent past. Now everyone both in Christian and secular circles can see this phenomena on our doorstep. Once again we are observing the Lord’s prophecy coming into focus. These aforementioned signs are always emphasized by some of the finest scholars in Christendom at the International Prophecy Conference (IPC) which I attend annually. None of these global signs would have made any sense whatsoever only a few years ago. Now, the tables are turned and it is hard to envision nationalism lasting much longer. “Even so, come Lord Jesus.”

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