Eschatology, Part 10, Another Sign of Christ’s Coming; Is America Mentioned In Bible Prophecy?

9)A ninth sign of Christ’s coming: A commonly asked question is where does America fit in relative to end time events? I have recently heard prophecy scholars, Hal Lindsey and Mark Hitchcock, expound on this theme and reach similar conclusions. A real problem for prophecy students in recent years has been the realization that an America that is a global superpower throws a monkey wrench into how end time events will play out. Let me explain. The scenario for the great occurrences leading into the tribulation period, the Battle of Armageddon and the war of Gog and Magog, all are happenings in the Middle East and centering around Israel. A somewhat isolated Israel. In the very recent past we have been accustomed to an alliance and strong bond between the United States and Israel. Although Israel was surrounded by enemies, war did not seem immanent nor did she seem to be in great danger. With her “big brother” looking over her shoulder, how could any nation touch Israel? This situation in the recent past made students of Bible prophecy ask themselves, how can the prophetical end time events happen the way they are described in the Bible, given the current international circumstances? But is it not amazing how quickly things change? A generation ago, we saw the Lord place Israel back on the map in 1948. Now, the situation in all of the world and in the Middle East is rapidly changing again, and the stage is being set whereby we can see how the nations are falling into place in order for Biblical events to occur. Most all Americans can easily understand that our nation is on the demise. Still somewhat of a superpower, our momentum is going south while China is rapidly rising. Our economy is in a shambles and President Obama was informed by Russia and China on his recent trip to Asia that the U.S. dollar would no longer be the standard in world trade. The Obama “stimulus” prints millions of dollars of paper currency with absolutely nothing behind it. Global leaders can easily see how this pulls the value of the dollar down. The mindset that everything is going up in price is really an illusion—–it is actually the dollar that is going down. There are reports that our president plans on releasing much of this money prior to the 2012 elections as a quick fix and a temporary jolt, in order to insure his reelection. In the meantime, other rogue nations are on the fringe of obtaining nuclear armaments and our nation no longer seems to care, or to have the ability to thwart it. Our hemisphere is threatened as is our long standing policy with the Monroe Doctrine. Drug dealers and illegals are threatening our borders, and terrorism is a reality within our nation. Our relationship with Israel is at an all time low and we seem to be playing politics within the Middle East rather than defending this very special nation chosen by God. If the global political scene continues the way it is going, then it will be very easy to envision Biblical prophetical events happening at any time. In the war of Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38,39), Israel is a tiny nation wolfpacked by nations throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, with God intervening to save her from annihilation during the last moment. The United States will not have the opportunity to come to Israel’s assistance, perhaps because our politicians will be opposed to Israel, and/or we will no longer have the military might to do so. Another possibility, heaven forbid, is that we would be in total alliance and even participating with the nations that invade Israel. One final important point to keep in mind is that our very tenuous economy could be the predecessor of a much weaker military——–one that is perhaps more content on defending our nation than on helping another that is attacked by most of the world! As the morals in our nation continue to plummet, we cannot expect the blessing of the Lord but only His judgment. Yes, a weaker United States of America is yet another eschatological sign of Christ’s coming for His bride and the tribulation period. It greatly contributes to the stage that is gradually being set in the Middle East and will allow events to unfold in accordance with the scriptures. Although America is not mentioned anywhere in reference to Biblical prophecy, it is easily seen that our denouement as a global superpower will greatly contribute to the fulfillment of end time events. Amen and amen. Pastor Steve


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