Eschatology 21, Scoffers are yet another sign of the Lord’s soon return (The fourteenth sign of the Second Coming of Christ mentioned in this blog)

Sceptical people who continually scoff at the return of Jesus Christ is another sign of His coming. The text for this concept is II Peter 3:3-7 ………..that is the only passage you need in reference to this study. Please read it. I am commenting from the King James Version (KJV): Verse three and four tell us that scoffers are laughing at the idea of Christ’s return. They say everything is continuing in the same way “from the beginning of creation.” This is an obvious reference to uniformitarianism and theistic evolution, which suggest that everything continues in our existance in the same way WITHOUT God in the equation at all. Verse five opens with the phrase: “For this they are willingly ignorant of……” Creation scholar Kent Hovind, founder of Creation Science Evangelism (CSE) says that this phrase literally means “stupid on purpose.” The passage continues and finishes with the theme that people do not believe that God gave the world and universe the appearance of age, and they do not believe in the reality of the recent flood of Noah about four thousand years ago. Anyone who truly believes in the Bible as God’s inspired Word and that it is ALL literally true, has no option but to believe in the Lord’s creation as anything except one that occurred in six literal days and six thousand years ago! The fossils are evidence of a huge catastrophe and not gradual uniformity. REAL science, anthropology, linguistics, history and archaeology are all evidence of a recent creation. All of these studies are totally harmonious with the Bible——-and why would that surprise us? The Lord is coming again, just as His Word says. Are you ready? Pastor Steve

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