Eschatology 20, Obama’s Hubris versus Genesis 12:3

As we interpret current events in the light of Bible prophecy, it is ALWAYS all about Israel. This tiny nation is roughly the size of Vermont and gets more press than anywhere else on the face of the earth. The past several days are no exception. President Obama told Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, that under no uncertain terms he wanted him to return the boundaries of Israel to those before the 1967 Six Day War. This was the war when the Arabic nations of Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Egypt attempted to drive Israel into the Mediterranean Sea. The war was similar to the attack on Pearl Harbor because it was unprovoked. In retrospect it is plain to see that the Lord made Himself strong in behalf of the nation of Israel as they not only defeated this much larger foursome but added to their nation’s size as well. President Obama’s demands were met by the Prime Minister’s response, which was similar to a wolverine defending his turf. Netanyahu told Obama that such concessions would leave Israel totally defenseless against attack. I saw President Obama’s body language and demeanor as he strode up to the podium to speak on this issue. He was full of hubris and arrogance with a capital “a.” Is he a world leader whereby he can cross oceans and tell independent and sovereign nations about how to conduct their politics, business and diplomacy, as well as give their land to a people who request it? President Obama’s attempt to dictate policy is the equivalent of the president of Mexico telling the United States of America that they demand to take Texas back. England can have Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Spain can have Florida and France can be given back the Louisiana Purchase. President Obama has no fear of God or His Word. The quintessential verse involving other nations and their treatment of Israel is Genesis 12:3: “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curseth thee…” Carving up Israel and giving in to the demands of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) is known as the Two State Solution. This strategy actually goes back to 1988 and George Bush Senior. President Bill Clinton followed suit, as did his successor President George W. Bush Junior. President Obama’s secretary of state Hillary Clinton, supports this policy as well. [Prophecy Scholar John McTernan wrote a profound book, the recently released “As America Has Done To Israel,” highlighting the judgments of God on our nation every time that we have gone against the nation of Israel]. Hence President Obama’s stance is nothing new, but he has carried this mindset to a whole new level. We must pray for our nation as never before. If we cease to maintain our alliance with Israel, then God will turn our blessings into curses. Lord, please send us godly and discerning men and women to lead us. We fear Your judgment.

***** Important Note *****

Since the writing of the above entry, less than twenty four hours before THIS writing that you are now reading, our president has backpedaled and is equivocating over his initial statements. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s firm stance concerning his nations’ borders, and the thunderous applause he received after addressing our Congress in favor of Israeli/U.S.A. relations contributed to this turn around. Praise God for the wisdom of our founding fathers in America and the “check and balance system” of the three branches of our government which can stifle the nefarious aspirations and ambitions of wannabe dictators.


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