Eschatology 19, To Sceptics Of A Pre Tribulation Rapture…..

Many believe that the Lord’s church will encounter either part or all of the tribulation period. Please do not forget that the Great Tribulation has no time period in all of human history that can be compared to it.  The Great Tribulation is referred to as the time of Jacob’s Trouble in the Old Testament.  In all of human history there is absolutely no time that can compare to it.  The seal, trumpet and bowl judgments are carefully planned and orchestrated events that God will use to “tread the winepress” and unleash His full and perfect wrath on a Christ rejecting world. To suggest that He will allow His Chosen Bride to go through this period of cataclysmic upheavel would be much worse than allowing Noah and his extended family of eight to drown in the great deluge of Genesis! It would be much worse than allowing fire and brimstone in Sodom to destroy Lot and his daughters, or allowing believing Rahab and all of her household to perish at the sword of the Israelites in Jericho! God would indeed be very inconsistent and not at all trustworthy if He were to destroy His Church with a Christ rejecting world. The Lord warns the Church that “in this world you will have tribulation.” i.e. Our whole lives are full of tribulation because our Lord’s teachings are diametrically opposed to the world. But this has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with His wrath that He will soon release on a Christ rejecting world. The oracles of God tell us that “He is the Lord and changes not, and that He is the same yesterday, today and forever.”


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