Eschatology 16, North Africa and the Middle East

I just went to the International Prophecy Conference in Brooksville, Florida in early March. In light of the unrest in North African countries, there is an understanding in prophecy circles that is relating today’s events to the scriptures. This mindset has been confirmed with other prophecy teachers who I have heard on the radio, and have seen on the internet and television. A key passage that has been quoted very often recently is Daniel 11:40-45. This passage starts with “And at the time of the end…” Later there is reference to Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia. Another scripture reference used in conjunction with these nations related to both prophecy and current events is Isaiah 19 which is a prophecy concerning Egypt. The interpretation among the majority of prophecy scholarship is that neutral leaders in these nations may be replaced by those of the Muslim Brotherhood who are radically in favor of a united militant Islamic caliphate. This in turn could place Israel into even more jeopardy and surround her with enemies and absolutely no one who even resembles a friend. This could force Israel’s hand to strike out against these foes as they are provoked and threatened by them. Because of Israel’s great military and nuclear capabilities, the results could be some immediate victories for them, and gains near her borders and perhaps picking up a buffer state or two. If this were to occur, there is also unity among eschatological scholars that the stage could then be set for the great battle of Gog and Magog, Ezekiel 38-39. The large mass of Arabic nations throughout the Middle East and North Africa, coupled with the great powers of Russia and China, would simultaneously attack a strengthened Israel in order to annihilate her. Of course we know that the Lord will intervene in Israel’s behalf during this battle and supernaturally destroy her enemies, as in the case of Sennacherib in the Old Testament. Blessings, Pastor Steve

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