Eschatology 15, The Twelfth Imam, The Twelfth Sign of the Second Coming of Christ

These blog entries regarding end times prophecy are mere thumbnail sketches of important Biblical teachings that often relate to current events. Their purpose is to encourage further interest and study. The current topic on the Twelfth Imam, for instance, has enough material to read indefinitely, if one simply Googles the title. The Twelfth Imam is the legendary figure, Muhammad Mahdi, born on July 29, 869 AD. (The first eleven Imams were actual historical figures, and it is the Twelfth who has strong Islamic supernatural overtones linked to him). The Twelfth Imam is also called Mahdi. He is alleged to have never died, and was hidden by God in a cave (and/or a well) beneath a mosque in Samarra. The story goes that God will reveal him at the appropriate time, when Islam is on the threshold of ruling the world. The Shi’ites are the Muslim sect who are steeped in this teaching. (The Shi’ites are Muslims who feel that they must trace their ruling lineage back to the original founder of this religion, Muhammad. The relatively more peaceful Sunnis believe that men can rule in Islam outside of Muhammad’s progeny). The former leader in Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini, was a great believer in the coming Mahdi. The current leader of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is a VERY STRONG proponent of this mindset as well, and believes that he is the one who God will use to usher in this new day. Here is where it gets mind boggling, fascinating, and relates all of these Islamic teachings to God’s Holy Word, the Bible: There are books, periodicals, DVD’s, etc. from contemporary prophecy scholars Joel Rosenburg, Joe Van Kouvering, Perry Stone, Joel Richardson and many others, relating to the topic at hand. Just this past week, Glenn Beck made this the centerpiece of one of his telecasts. The Twelfth Imam is the antithesis of the Biblical Antichrist! Fascist Islamics believe in the Twelfth Imam in a positive way, whereas Christians have very negative feelings for the Antichrist, yet they appear to be one and the same! Ahmadinejad believes that as he acquires nuclear armaments and causes bloodshed in the Middle East and around the world, that he is God’s tool who prepares the way for Mahdi. He is hateful towards Israel and the United States. His goal is to promote confusion, chaos, anarchy, war, bloodshed, and turmoil in order to prepare the world for total Islamic rule. He believes this will last for seven year. After the seven years of tribulation are up, Jesus (Islam views our Lord as only a prophet) will return with the greater Muhammad and tell the world that He was never crucified or resurrected, that He is not God, and that the Bible is full of errors. Check out this comparison of end times Bible prophecy with end times Islamic prophecy: The Muslims and Christians both believe in a seven year tribulation period. They both believe in the signing of a peace treaty by the Mahdi/Antichrist with Israel, later to be broken. They both believe in the building of a temple from which Mahdi/Antichrist will rule from. They both reveal the hatred towards Jews and Christians, and their deaths to come through beheadings. (Beheadings are referred to in the book of Revelation. Islam is the only religion which practices this form of execution). They both even refer to the mark on all followers of the Mahdi/Antichrist. Followers of the Twelfth Imam view it in a positive sense, i.e. the followers of Allah receive this mark as true believers; and we know that Christians view this mark in a very negative sense, the mark interpreted in the book of Revelation as one’s passport to hell. The aforementioned contrast reveals very plainly to me that followers of Islam are followers of Satan. Allah was selected from a pantheon of false Babylonian deities by the prophet Muhammad. Allah is the moon god, hence their famous symbol of the crescent moon. This is truly fascinating stuff, is it not? One can only wonder how Islam came up with this counterpart to the Christian view of end time events. Did they read the Bible, and then rewrite their own version of eschatological events? Did they come up with this prophetic scenario totally independent of the Bible? At any rate, it is truly surreal to observe the two contrasting faiths depicting end times’ events in the same way but with totally different points of view. Ahmadinejad, who represents Iran, the leading nation of all of the Islamic faith, is promoting and praying for this time of chaos and confusion (that we call the tribulation period), ruled by the Twelfth Imam (who we call the Antichrist). The radical elements of the Muslim world are seemingly in a frenzy in order to bring about these events. This, I believe, is yet another sign of coming apocalyptic events which will one day be unleashed on this fallen world in rapid order. The Twelfth Imam is “on the bubble” as the next leader to emerge in radical Islam. As you have observed, he brings with him seven years of tribulation, violent persecution and execution of Jews and Christians, the mark of the beast, a temple to be built in Jerusalem from where he will rule, and a peace agreement with Israel to be later broken. What is the Christian’s response to these truly amazing facts? It is to appreciate the words of Jesus even moreso: Luke 21:28 “And when these things BEGIN to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (KJV) ….”even so, come Lord Jesus….”


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