Eschatology 14, Increase in Demonic Activity, Part 2

Our current times are rapidly setting up a platform for demonic activity to gain a firm foothold and pollute the world in a very quick order, as in the days of Noah. When the famous novel and later movie “In Cold Blood,” written by Truman Capote, was released more than a generation ago, people were outraged by the senseless killings in this true story. Now we hear even worse stories whereby people lack even natural affection for their own; we hear them on a daily basis and the shock effect is gone. A few random examples are the case of one microwaving her baby; putting children in the trunk of a car and driving the vehicle into a lake; a young lady giving birth to a baby at her prom, then leaving the baby to die and going back for the next dance. Several years ago a deranged youth in Stafford, Virginia played Dungeons and Dragons, then proceeded to hack off his grandmother’s head with a machete. People often unknowingly open themselves up to demons through the occult as in the case with the above youth, and drugs and habitual drunkenness are also frequent contributors. Since our culture is harboring more of an antichrist spirit, by default our world is becoming more open to demonic activity. [Hosea 4:6A: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”] Let us relate this theme to the topic at hand and the previous part 1, when prior to the flood of Noah fallen angels (demons) left their assigned habitation and managed to join with the daughters of men, thereby rapidly destroying the goodness in all of the human beings in God’s creation. Satan managed to severely alter God’s intended genetic code and produced deranged hybrids of the worst order. Consider a couple loose fitting analogies from about 70 years ago which left the world aghast: 1)The science fiction story of the Frankenstein monster: A deceased person was given the brain of another and brought back to life. In the story, the townspeople were incredulous that one would attempt to “play God” and do such a thing. The viewer was left with the same impression, observing the horrible results of attempting to interfere with God’s domain. 2)The true story of Josef Rudolf Mengelle, the German SS officer and “physician” in the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz; Mengelle was known as the “Angel of Death”: The Third Reich was heavily indoctrinated with an evolutionary philosophy, strongly promoting the survival of the fittest. Mengelle’s activities, whereby he used human beings as his guinea pigs in the most cruel and wicked experiments and torture imaginable, left the world in total disbelief. These aforementioned examples reveal the repulsiveness of our nation to any interference of God’s natural order. As we approach the close of the church age, fallen man is becoming much more brazen, and what was once seen as outlandish and immoral is becoming acceptable! There are scientists and political supporters all around the world who are actually planning and already experimenting with a plethora of genetic alterations, aberrations, mutations and hybid creatures. As secular humanists, they have in effect become their own god, and are simply placing a civilized veneer on the above examples from well over a half century ago. Many readers will be astonished to learn that transgenic tinkering is already taking place in most parts of the world, including the United States, Britain and Australia, where animal eggs are being used to create hybrid human embryos from which stem cell lines can be produced for medical research. On March 9, 2009, President Barack Obama signed an executive order providing federal funding to expand this type of embryonic research. A team at Newcastle and Durham universities in the United Kingdom announced plans to create human-animal hybrid embryos. There is no limit to the number of these concoctions currently under development in laboratories around the world. There is also synthetic biology, where entirely new forms of life are being brewed. Today’s scientific intelligentsia casually proclaims that we are entering the posthuman era and witnessing the transformation of man into other species. There are even studies at Stanford University to create mice with partly human brains. Former president George W. Bush called for legislation to “prohibit…creating human-animal hybrids, and buying, selling, or patenting human embryos.” His words fell on deaf ears, and now the sky is the limit regarding fallen man’s perversion of God’s creation. National Geographic Magazine predicted mature monstrosities in 2007 when it said that within ten years, the first transhumans would walk the earth. Yes, transhumanists, part man and part animal, and whatever else fallen man can concoct, are all on the menu. There are the ramifications of using science to revive extinct animals or Nephilim, that could play a role in the kingdom of the Antichrist. Distributing the human gene pool and altering the genetic code eliminated humanity as we know it before the Great Flood according to many theologians. Satan is indeed engaged in an unprecedented conspiracy to revive supernaturalism such as existed in Noah’s day. For further information, visit Indeed this website seems surreal as well as sensationalistic. In reality it is not science fiction but true. Listen to the various YouTube entries. Our Pentagon and the scientific community all around the world are planning on real life “Terminators” to fight future battles, programmed with intelligence and physical strength and abilites exceeding that of human beings. Of course there is the concern of these creatures overpowering and eliminating people, but that is the price we must pay in the coming posthuman world. Never underestimate fallen man’s ability to do the most blasphemous things as he refuses to seek or submit to God. Romans 1 tells us that when man worships the creature rather than the Creator, that God “gives them over to a reprobate and debased mind to do those things that are shameful.” Praise the Lord, however, that the mature believer has discernment of the times.  “….even so come Lord Jesus.”


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