Eschatology 11, Taboo! A Tenth Sign of Christ’s Coming

Our nation has become so secularized in recent years that the word “sin” is seldom heard. Literally, sin comes from the Greek word harmartia and means “missing the mark.” When a culture loses the reverence and fear of God, this is exactly what one would expect. There is one sin in particular that is absolutely abhorrent to the Lord. He places it in a special category and calls it an abomination———you who know your Bible already realize that I am referring to the sin of sodomy. Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 call the sin of a “man lying with another man” an abomination. Here is the Webster’s Dictionary definition of abomination: “To abhor, to detest extremely, hateful and detestable.” Why is this theme under eschatology? Because when a nation and people accept this lifestyle and the church no longer boldly stands against it, then judgment cannot be far removed. Our president has declared June to be Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Pride month and he has repealed the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy in our nation’s military. Our nation and other countries are on the threshold of sanctioning “gay marriage,” which has never existed in the 6,000 years of man’s existance. I shudder to think of the soon coming judgment from a just and holy God. Entire “Christian” denominations have officially accepted this lifestyle, even endorsing openly practicing gay pastors. Homosexuality is endorsed by our public school system, our president, the government, the media, the court system, congress, Hollywood and all of our intelligentsia. Just a mere generation ago our secular culture viewed this as a very repugnant way to live and the church saw it as deplorable. Now our culture fully approves as does a percentage of the church. What happened? Our nation has turned away from God. What is wrong is right, and what is right is wrong. Never has there been a lifestyle whereby it is absolutely taboo to express your disapproval in any way, shape or form. Never has there been a lifestyle where a vocal minority vociferously DEMANDS that EVERYONE accept this sin without question. This should not surprise us. In Genesis 19 the Sodomites attempted to rape angels. Even when the Lord smote them with blindness the Sodomites still attempted to get into the house (Genesis 19:11) and do harm to the angels who took on the form of men. Where has the church been in the last generation? The church fears man and caters to our culture and does not fear the Lord—-this is when apostasy sets in. Sodomy is the last straw prior to judgment, and the consummate blaspheming of the ways of God. More will follow in part II…………….


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