Eschatology 101 (Prophetic End Time Events)

This site is dedicated to unfulfilled Bible prophecy and end time events leading to the close of the church age. Prophecy is very important because it accounts for a great percentage of the scriptures. It is often ignored by pastors and teachers because of a lack of knowledge and/or belief. I have several acquaintances in the ministry who intentionally avoid this monumental doctrine even though each day we live we are closer to its’ fulfillment! Eschatology deals with the coming age(s) and events of our world and existance according to His great plan. What could be more important? It is also very important that we have a correct perspective of the end times. Because of the significance of this key doctrine, entries will continually be added to this site. Why else is it important that we understand prophecy? Here is an example: I spoke with a fellow pastor today who believes that Jesus Christ will return at the conclusion of the Seven Year Tribulation Period. On the other hand, I believe that He will return for the Church before His wrath is unleashed on a Christ rejecting world. According to the Bible, Christ returns secretly in the air where the raptured believers will join
Him (I Thessalonians 4:13-18). At His Second Coming in judgment He comes WITH the believers in public where every eye will see Him. He will come to earth in judgment and set up His Millenial Kingdom. There will be no announcement of His arrival at the rapture. There will be many signs and seven years of worldwide tribulation with the Antichrist in power before His Second Coming. One can easily see big differances between the two. I told the gentleman who believed in His Post Tribulation Coming that “he was not looking for Christ.” He said: “What do you mean?” I told him that “he was looking for the Antichrist and for all hell to break loose in the world before Jesus returned for His church.” He understood my point. The early church greeted each other with the phrase “maranatha,” meaning the Lord is coming. They believed His coming was imminent. In fact, the Thessalonians believed they missed the rapture, hence Paul’s letters were sent to them in order to straighten out their theology. The Lord’s Coming (maranatha) is the blessed hope of the church age. If all I have to look forward to is seven years of God’s wrath: the seal, trumpet and bowl judgments depicted in summary in Matthew 24 and in great detail in Revelation 6-18, the “mark of the Beast,” the Antichrist in power, and God’s wrath poured out on a Christ rejecting world in an unprecedented manner unlike anything ever before or after, there is obviously no blessed hope whatsoever. Speaking for myself, if I believed this doctrine of the church being taken after the Tribulation, I would pray to die of natural causes rather than endure seven years of “hell on earth” before my Lord’s return. This study will reveal that Christ will come for His bride before God’s wrath is released on a Christ rejecting world. Yes, just like yesteryear, the church has every reason to say: “Maranatha, the Lord is coming!” I am looking for the Christ, not the Antichrist! The following study will define and explain the rapture in detail, and later we will exegete the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation and find the solid Biblical basis for a Pre Tribulation Rapture.

3 thoughts on “Eschatology 101 (Prophetic End Time Events)

    • Discerning believers realize the times. Hebrews 10:25 …”forsake not the assembling of yourselves as is the manner of some, SO MUCH THE MORE AS YOU SEE THAT DAY APPROACHING.”


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