Big Brother Is Watching; Eschatology, Part 9

This continues the theme of one world government, one world religion and one world currency mentioned in Eschatology, Part 8. The idea of a single global superstate has long been Satan’s desire which was briefly achieved at the Tower of Babel under the leadership of Nimrod in Genesis 11. Hence it should come as no surprise that there are several organizations who once again desire to achieve this goal. Among these are the Illuminati (formed in Bavaria in 1776), the Bilderburgs (started in the Netherlands in 1954), The Club Of Rome, The New Age Movement, The Trilateral Commission and The Council Of Foreign Relations to name a few. One may desire to include the United Nations as well. Satan has indeed steered the hearts of men to seek the goal of unifying the world. This will happen one day because it is prophecied. Now use your imagination——-when fallen man achieves these ends, nefarious world rulers will attempt to dominate and dictate policy over absolutely everyone. A catastrophe, disaster or crisis will be the platform and rationale for wicked leaders to assert even more control over the populace. (implementing martial law, etc.) As Hillary Clinton said after borrowing a quote from the German statesman and philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: “Never allow a crisis to go to waste.” George Orwell’s 1984 was a book ahead of its time, and perhaps indicative of the governmental control that will be asserted during the Great Tribulation when “Big Brother” will have a beat on everything. If one lacks the mark of the beast, then they cannot buy, sell or perform any kind of business transactions. Grant Jeffrey, a Canadian prophecy scholar, expounds on the controls that are gradually being placed on all of us. It is a noose that is already in place and will be tightened at the appropriate time. Grant elucidates on the profound implications of total government controls in his recently released books Surveillance Society and Shadow Government. For instance, there are already data bases on all e-mailings, websites, facebook, and all internet communications. There are no places in London, England without surveillance cameras and this policy is flourishing everywhere. Go to and take a gander at any home you ever lived in or any address you would like to see. You will see a photo of the establishment and all the surrounding area that was taken in the very recent past. GPS coordinates exist for all addresses. A cell phone in one’s possession, turned either on or off, allows the powers that be to determine your exact location. All of our telephone conversations are monitored at a large agency located on a United States military base in the Yorkshire Moors of England called Project Echelon. They work in unison with the NSA in gathering a data base that is global and comprehensive. Key words spoken will trigger interest and/or suspicion. Words such as AK-47, Area 51, GRU, Fort Meade, NORAD, FBI, explosives, guns, assassination, TNT, rockets, fuses, mortars, Uzi, assault team, silencers, Secret Service, Air Force One, White House, Echelon, Islamic Jihad, SEAL Merlin, Wackenhut (a paramilitary security agency), terrorism, etc. Every transaction we make is in the world’s data base. Extremely small electronic devices and bar codes can be placed on any item, including your vehicles, your home and anything in your home. The RFID chips have replaced the bar codes with much more sophisticated technology. RFID chips are in everything, including items bought in stores, clothes, your car, drivers license, cell phone and passport. There are even plans to place it in cash in some countries. The ultimate goal is for a national ID card for every citizen. This puts some real teeth into Revelation 13:16-17, does it not? Cameras are placed in computer monitors and elsewhere. The sky is the limit with micro cameras that can be placed anywhere, totally undetected. We are use to seeing cameras placed on stoplights and along our highways. People can be monitored absolutely everywhere while they do almost anything. In short, privacy is what we can only reminisce about. Just about everything in our lives can be monitored. Now, imagine this technology in the wrong hands! The noose is in place and will be tightened when the circumstances allow and call for it. Big Brother is watching. One can easily observe how the stage is set for the end times judgment. God will raise the curtain and commence the play in accordance with His perfect will and timing. “Even so, come Lord Jesus.”   Maranatha, Pastor Steve


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