Eschatology 24, The Harbinger, Part 2

I finished The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn. As mentioned, there is both good and bad within the pages of this tome. The cover reference of the book refers to an “ancient mystery and the secret of America’s future” within the Bible. THAT is a problem because God tells fallen man everywhere to repent. He does nothing in secret codes when He pronounces judgment! Cahn nails the truth with his assertion that America “dropped the ball” spiritually, through our immediate desire to rebuild the twin towers, RATHER than understanding this was a warning from the Lord to repent and stop our rebellion. He goes wild, however, through his one on one comparison of Israel and America, and rightfully receives strong criticism from Christian camps in his teachings. He interprets “oracles” from the Bible as a secret code of some sort for America. What America needs is a simple douse of II Chronicles 7:14 and not an unraveling of the specifics of 9-11 and comparing every detail to Israel’s judgment by God. Yes indeed, even good Christian books are not inspired, hence we must take the good and leave the rest. Was the book worth reading? Yes, but I would not encourage a baby Christian who lacks discernment to read it, because some of Cahn’s theology is incorrect.

MARANATHA, Pastor Steve


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