Pray In A Prayer Meeting, Not In A Bear Meeting

There is the humorous story of an ungodly man who was out hunting on Sunday morning. He ran into a large bear who started tracking the man and then the bear started running after him. Out of breath and energy, and in a panic, the man cried out to God. Much to the man’s amazement, the bear was right next to him and crouched over in a praying position. The man asked the bear: “What are you doing?” The bear responded: “I always say grace before I eat.”

Why this story? It has a real lesson to it. The latest tornado tragedy in Oklahoma is filled with all the particulars that we have become accustomed to. People screaming OMG as the unbelievable storm approaches their homes, schools and places of work. Then the town resembles Berlin, Germany in May, 1945, the following morning. The Southern Baptist disaster teams, the Red Cross and others, assemble and help the plethora of people in need. But, what IF the churches were filled with members who prayed for God’s protection from these calamities? Florida Baptists, in an organized manner, now pray for God to spare us from these events. My wife prays EVERYDAY for His protection from monster storms. Another tornado in Oklahoma took the exact same path 14 years ago and killed even more people. What if believers started praying and seeking God’s face from that point on? Our nation needs to repent. Our nation needs to submit and obey the Lord. Our nation needs to humble ouselves, seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways. (II Chronicles 7:14) If we do not, we can expect more of the same and perhaps even worse the next time. When we forget God, then He will abandon us in our time of need. The Mennonites in the Shenandoah Valley got it right after 9/11/01. Everyone else was saying God bless America. The Mennonites said: “America bless God–repent!”

Blessings, Pastor Steve

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